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Writ Of Summons Served On Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad

BackApr 25, 2017
Type Reply to Query
Reply to Bursa Malaysia's Query Letter - Reference ID IQL-21042017-00001
Subject Writ of Summons served on Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad
Writ of Summons served on Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad
Query Letter Contents

We refer to your Company’s announcement dated 20 April 2017 in respect of the aforesaid matter.

In this connection, kindly furnish Bursa Securities with the following additional information for public release:-

1) The details of the circumstances leading to the filing of the Writ of Summons against your Company.

2) The operational impact of the Writ of Summons on the Group.

3) The expected losses, if any arising from the Writ of Summons.

Please furnish Bursa Securities with your reply within one (1) market day from the date hereof.


Yours faithfully,


Senior Vice President, Issuers
Listing, Regulation


c.c. : Market Surveillance Dept, Securities Commission Malaysia (via fax).

We refer to the Company's announcement made on 20 April 2017 (Announcement) and the query from Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad dated 21 April 2017 in relation to the Writ of Summons served on Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad.

The Company wishes to provide additional information pursuant to the Query. Please refer to the attachment for details of the information.

This announcement is dated 25 April 2017.

Announcement Info

Stock Name AIRPORT
Date Announced 25 Apr 2017
Category General Announcement for PLC
Reference Number GA1-25042017-00162

Please refer attachment below.


  1. reply_letter_to_Bursa-_SPASB_25_APRIL_2017.pdf (Size: 369,065 bytes)